Broom and Dustpan, Tiumso Broom and Dustpan Set for Home, Broom with Dustpan Combo Set, Dust Pans with Long Handle, Upright Standing Dustpan for Home Room Kitchen Office Lobby Floor Use


Broom and Dustpan, Tiumso Broom and Dustpan Set for Home, Broom with Dustpan Combo Set, Dust Pans with Long Handle, Upright Standing Dustpan for Home Room Kitchen Office Lobby Floor Use



Product Description

Long handle Broom and Dustpan SetLong handle Broom and Dustpan Set

long handle broomlong handle broom

Tiumso Make Your Life Effective and Efficient !

Make Cleaning More Easy! High Grade Broom Bristles and Dustpan Light weight TIUMSO broom and dustpan set for home with humanized design and premium quality. With the longer life bristle, getting the dust and dirt off the floor and baseboards efficiently. With aluminum and long handle, allowing you to stand upright for comfortable sweeping. With compact storage, keeping your home or work space clean and tidy. With scraper and comb, plastic seal at the edge of the dustpan sits flush to the floor and ensures all ‘dust’ is swept into the pan and not underneath it.

We’re passionate about cleaning that “Makes Your Life Easier”!

When it comes to technology in your home, cleaning tools might be the last thing you think about. The reality is, innovative technology is packed into every one of your favorite Tiumso broom and dustpan set. The magic is in the science and innovation that Tiumso has dedicated to all of their cleaning products. We know that a clean home is a healthier home.


1. Long Handle Broom and Dustpan Set

2. Clip on Broom and Dustpan Combo

3. Long Comb for Pet Hair Loss

4. Multi-scene Application

It’s industrial dust pan and broom,It can be a kitchen broom, a lobby broom, a warehouse broom, a garage broom, etc.

So don’t hesitate to take.

Red Broom and Dustpan

Red Broom and Dustpan

Large Broom and Dustpan

Large Broom and Dustpan

Broom and Dustpan For Home

Broom and Dustpan For Home

Rubber Lip Design

The mouth of the dust pan adopts the integrated TPR flat rubber lip, and it conforms to clean all garbage and debris into dustpan, not swept underneath it.

Sturdy Broom and Dustpan

Premium quality built to last. Tiumso broom and dustpan sets made from high quality, durable materials. You may have had experience in the past about handles that loose easily, thus we use stainless steel handles and these handles are well made and very durable to ensure a long life.

Self-Cleaning with Dustpan Teeth

The broom’s comb and pliable bristles easily sweep pet hair and dirt from the floor and into the dustpan. The comb removes any debris that may remain on the broom. Dustpan is nice and wide and has a deep back to stop ‘dust’ from being swept over the back and ensures it stays in the dustpan when it is being moved.

Broom and Dust Pan

Broom and Dust Pan

broom and dustpan

broom and dustpan

Broom and Dustpan set

Broom and Dustpan set

Four-layer Bristers

The unique 4-layer PET bottles design does not hurt the wooden floor and is suitable for various surface.The broom has an angled head to allow it to sweep corners and edges with ease!

Easy To Store

The broom and dustpan set is very easy to store and it will not take up any space in your broom closet.The long broomstick can be folded to be compact and easy to move and it can snap on the dustpan for upright storing.

The Perfect Broom For You

You can now sweep your floor with ease and without bending down and hurting your back! The TIUMSO broom has the perfect height to make sweeping easier than ever. At 51″ the handle is very convenient so you can have an easy and comfortable grip for fast results.If you are looking for a simple way to tidy your office, house, kitchen, outdoors and indoors, our broom and dustpan set is your perfect and smart choice.

Handle Length
51″ 55″

[You Deserve A Best Broom Set]: Premium quality built to last for Tiumso Broom and Dustpan. Made from high quality, durable materials. B2S upgraded version has been improved through new molds. The bristles of the broom is increased from three rows to four rows. The spiral joint is deeper, easy to twist and assemble tightly, Say goodbye to loose handles.
[Long Handle and No Bending]: If you still have to bend down as much to clean your house. Don’t worry! The optional extension pole makes the broom length from 37 to 51 inches, People can choose the appropriate broom length according to their height. The dustpan long handle allow you to Stand upright for comfortable sweeping. NO MORE BENDING!
[Better Clean Solution with Humanized Design]: Tiumso dust pan broom set for home has a one-piece of soft rubber lip, and it creates a strong seal between the surface and dust pan. Therefore, dust is never swept underneath, for maximum dirt collection.The sweep set features teeth to comb out dirt and flat rubber lip ensures dirt make it’s way into the dustpan. So you can get rid of dirty and Pet Hair on the broom without use your hands.
[Compact Stand-up Storage]: There is a hanger on the top of dustpan handle for broom and dustpan, just clip the broom to the dustpan handle, new compact design lets you hang the broom and dustpan together on the wall. And the brooms and dustpans sets is collapsible for home, camping to save storage space.
[100% Easy Cleaning]Tiumso broom with dustpan can be installed without obstacles. Simple and light, you can easily complete the cleaning work indoors and outdoors. Whether it’s kitchen gadgets, hair in the living room, or garden leaves, you can quickly collect them.


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